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  • New website launched to support Synodal Pathway
    A new website has been launched today to support engagement with the national synodal pathway for the Catholic Church in Ireland. The website provides information about the synodal pathway and the timeline for the work, as well as making available a […]
  • Video: Synod - All you need to know
    Have questions regarding the Synod on Synodality? Rahai attempts to answer these questions through simple sketches presented to you in a short and fun way. Here's all you need to know- right from what does synodality mean to what can […]
  • Archbishop Eamon Martin launches synodal pathway for Dromore
    On Saturday 16th October, Archbishop Eamon Martin celebrated the 6.00pm Mass in Newry Cathedral to commence the liturgical journey of the Diocese of Dromore for the Synodal Pathway. During the Mass, the Archbishop read a pastoral letter to the people […]
  • Pope Francis’ homily from the opening of the Synodal Path
    HOMILY OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS St Peter’s BasilicaSunday, 10 October 2021 A certain rich man came up to Jesus “as he was setting out on his journey” (Mk 10:17). The Gospels frequently show us Jesus “on a journey”; he […]